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Now i want to describes about : Taking A photograph.

The photographer needs only four important things to take a picture a camera, film, a subject, and light. His gains experience and feels the need for greater technical flexibility, the photographermay wish to expand the range of his picture taking capabilities with additional items of photograhic equipment, including spesial lenses, an exposure meter, filters, and an electronic flash. Such additional equipment is not essential, however, and many great photographers have worked with only the most basic equipment.

Choosing a Camera. The photographer’s choice of a camera depends on the kind of picture he intends to take, the degree of mobility he needs, and the degree of control over exposure and composition he requires. There are a lot of camera, such as dslr cameras, cyber shoot camera, digital camera and are quite suitable for most informal pictures. Compact and lightweight, with a fixed lens, they provide automatic exposure control and simplified or fixed focusing. While they offer maximum mobility and complete freedom from technical concerns, such camera give the photographer no control of the image recording process expect that of aiming at the subject and pressing the shutter release. To obtained illustrative, artistic, or technical potographs of the highest quality, technical or view cameras using sheet film in even larger sizes are the first choice. such cameras provide maximum sharpness of detail, subtlety of tone or color, and accuracy of subject appearance.

Choosing a Lens. Among the factor to be considered in choosing lens for a particular purpose are the speed required of the lens, the image magnification and subject coverage sought, yje perspective desired, and the distance between subject and object. lens speed is the light transmitting power of the lens at its maximum aperture. Lens speed is less important with tripod mounted cameras, and a slower lens may be chosen to take advantage of other feature such as extreme correction of aberrations that are not usually found in fast lenses.

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