rehab addict

Are you want to know How To Stop Use ( Rehabilitation ) drug and alcohol rehab.

With therapy method, Therapy Intent From Your Heart the authors named this therapy method called Therapy Intent From Your Heart.

  1. Intention

    This is the first first required. if you have no intention to stop use drug rehab facility. It was a very good first step.

  2. Willingness

    This level is higher than the intention, because the will is ”Truly Intention’. Willingness means that intentions are supported by the desire to carry out what is desired or aspired significantly, and also applied to the deed. If you have reached this stage I believe the process will be easier.

  3. Determination

    This means that we remain firm constancy to carry out the will ‘to stop’, it does not matter even if everything goes ahead. how to make it happen? For instance there is the encouragement of yourself or you persuaded others to use drugs, then you remain adamant not to use these drugs determination. Although a result, you may experience very heavy torture due to the withdrawal and shunned fellow users (you even have to be really grateful, if you shunned your friends are addicts). This is the most severe in the healing process, because in this process comes the temptation and seduction barrage to use the drug.


Suggestion is an impulse that comes from outside of us (outside subconscious) that provide a stimulant effect into the subconscious to do in response to that impulse. In this step, first you already intend and have a strong will to quit. After that you must following this things :

In the morning, better when you wake up, say it :

  • I can stop using drugs
  • I can stay away from fellow addicts
  • Drugs evil
  • Drugs can destroy the body
  • Drugs can damage family harmony
  • Etc, you can add your own positive words

Do this :

  • Sit quiet can be crossed or the other, just to make you feel comfortable
  • Put the cotton drops of aromatherapy oil (flavor of lavender, lemon balm, chamomile or geranium)

sound a little bit crazy, but this is a good psychological treatment, i think, and you must to try it.

  • Involve other people.

    To maintain consistency of your rehabilitation, you needed you need assistance like family, boyfriend / girlfriend, doctor, psychiatrist, or executive drug rehab, luxury rehab centers. Parties that will supervise your actions especially when the withdrawal, to avoid things that are not desirable, which may unconsciously you can do.

  • Stay away from the neighborhood or friends addict

    Like hell you are undergoing rehabilitation, it would be useless if you still hang out with the neighborhood or friends of drug addicts. Because, it is not likely you will return offered drugs (or even forced) to your friends who are addicts. Family, boyfriend, doctors also may not be able to keep an eye on you continuously for 24 hours. So think a million times to keep hanging out with friends addict if you want to really stop using drugs and stop being Rehab Addicts.

  • Multiply pray and get closer to God

  • If the addict feels confident that he can quit, then he would have managed to quit. And conversely, if he hesitated, then he will not succeed. This is the reason why this therapy the authors call Therapy Intent from your Heart

Everything if we want success then surely requires sacrifice.